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Welcome to the April 2023 edition of the Share-Net International newsletter!

An important update first - we are happy to reveal a key document contributing to structure and backbone for the next five years of Share-Net; our latest five-year strategic plan for 2023-2027! In the coming years Share-Net intends to embrace a bolder, more intersectional and inclusive approach to SRHR, welcoming more traditionally excluded and marginalised groups and people to our network, and getting better at member-engagement - we're doing our best to listen to your voices and needs more!

At Share-Net, the fourth learning session of our SHIRIM cycle was held in March at Share-Net Ethiopia, and yesterday Share-Net Netherlands held their Annual Members Meeting (AMM) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where they launched their new Instagram account! Share-Net Bangladesh have released several important documents on SRHR x Climate Change, and on International Women's day Share-net Burundi held an online Twitter debate asking Does Gender Equity Threaten The Well-being of Men? and published this reflection article. We're further proud to share the Journal Sexual & Reproductive Health Matters published this article on Infertility by SN members following a collaborative project resulting from our 2019 Co-Creation Conference, and earlier this week we attended the launch of UNFPA State of the World Report 2023: The Case for Rights & Choices in Den Haag, the Netherlands.Lot's going on!

Further, we're busy planning our first ever Knowledge Activation Grant 'Knowledge Product Showcase Event' in the summer (more coming soon! 👀), and theres a wealth of exciting new SRHR resources, guides, and opportunities from SN and other organisations in the newsletter below.

With warm wishes,

Dorine Thomissen | Coordinator of Share-Net International

Share-Net Updates

SNI's New Five Year Strategic Plan: 2023-2027

Our renewed strategy is based on findings of tour 2022 Mid-Term Review, following ample consultations with relevant actors in- and outside of our network. The strategy moves towards more progressive conceptions of sensitive SRHR topics, applying a bolder and more intersectional approach to what we do. Specifically, we focus on five core strategies:

  1. Strengthen financial sustainability
  2. Advance strategic partnerships
  3. Enhance knowledge sharing and translation
  4. Improve inclusivity
  5. Develop membership engagement

Read our Strategy in: English, en español, en français.SNI-strategic-plan-2023-2027

Report: The prevalence of HIV and Syphilis in Venezuelan Migrants living in Colombia

Red Somos, a member of Share-Net Colombia, have published a Spanish report on the prevalence of HIV and syphilis in Venezuelan migrants living in Colombia, offering information about the needs of this population in Colombia.

Sexual Violence Against Men and Boys in the Colombian Armed Conflict. 

Share-Net Colombia have published a Spanish article about the sexual violence committed against men and boys during the Colombian armed conflict. Men and boys, especially those of diverse identities, have been severely affected by this crime and face barriers accessing justice.


Twitter Debate: Does Gender Equity Threaten the Well-being of Men?

On International Women's Day in March, Share-Net Burundi organised an active Twitter debate with several guest speakers, and published a reflection article centring Women's Gender Equity.WhatsApp-Image-2023-03-06-at-12.23.41-1024x576

NEW! Share-Net Netherlands on Instagram!

A new instagram account for Share-Net Netherlands has just been freshly launched - follow them for hub updates and Netherlands-specific SRHR news and opportunities! And of course, most other SN hubs are also on insta, follow their accounts here:

👉 Share-Net Bangladesh
👉 Share-Net Burkina Faso
👉 Share-Net Burundi
👉 Share-Net Colombia
👉 Share-Net Jordan
👉 Share-Net International
👉 Share-Net Netherlands

Report: Menstrual Health in the Dutch Workplace

The Share-Net Netherlands Community of Practice (CoP) on Menstrual Health (MH) has produced a new report, Menstrual Health in the Dutch Workplace. Bringing attention experiences of MH in the Dutch workplace to explore what a period-friendly workplace consists of, the research focused on three main themes: stigmatisation, facilities and policy. Read the full report here


Breaking The Silence Around Infertility: A Scoping Review of Interventions Addressing Infertility-Related Gendered Stigmatisation in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Published in the esteemed journal Sexual & Reproductive Health Matters, this important article is a result of work following the a small grant awarded during the 2019 SN Co-Creation Conference, and a collaboration with between actors in Bangladesh, Burundi, Jordan, and the UK. Read the full story and access all of the Knowledge Products for this project, including a Policy Brief, YouTube videos, and an executive summary here! Screenshot-2021-11-16-at-14.39.34-1

Climate Change and SRHR in Bangladesh

Three new documents have been published by Share-Net Bangladesh, outlining recommendations for a National Adaption Plan on Climate Change and SRHR Information for Policymakers in Bangladesh, a Policy Brief zooming in on Climate Change and SRHR Education and Information for Policymakers resulting from the recent SHIRIM learning sessions held in Ethiopia on March 2023, and the desk review of Bangladeshi Evidence, the Intersectionality of Climate Change and SRHR. You can find more Climate Change x SRHR resources in our SRHR resource library. NAP

SRH Conversations with Adolescents & Parents

Share-Net Jordan have released a short film in Arabic and English addressing this important topic - view it below!

SRHR Events & Opportunities

International Maternal Newborn Health Conference

The conference takes place in Cape Town, South Africa from May 8-11, 2023. For the first time in 8 years, over 1,000 international stakeholders come together to accelerate solutions to improve maternal and newborn survival and prevent stillbirths for the 2023  Conference. Find out more here341aafd8-5061-cc8a-e867-af795d7e1814

UN Call for Inputs: Report on Colonialism and SOGI

Do you want to contribute to this UN report? The report will focus on past and present colonial regulation and legacies of Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (SOGI), through laws, policies, practices, and how regulation continues to impact LGBT lives. Submit your response by May 26 2023. 

AIDS 2024 Conference

AIDS 2024, the 25th International AIDS Conference, will take place in Munich, Germany, and online from July 22-26 2024. An estimated 15,000 international participants from will attend - find out more here!AIDS-2024_social_share

World Congress of Gynecology & Obstetrics


The FIGO World Congress will be held from 9-12 October 2023. For almost 70 years, the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics Congresses have brought together obstetricians, gynaecologists, midwives, nurses, allied physicians and other health professionals in the field of women’s health and policy from countries around the world.

The Pleasure Project: Fellow Scheme 2023

On May 1st, The Pleasure Project launch their Fellow Scheme! This is open to advocates, professionals, and those who endorse pleasure to develop pleasure initiatives, with $1000 available per project. Check on May 1st 2023 for more!

Call for Partners & Donors: GREAT SRHR Project, Ghana

Share-Net International member HACEP-Ghana and AID4Girls are seeking partners and donors for the Gender Roles, Equality and Transformations (GREAT) SRHR Project for Young People in Ghana. Read the full project brief here, or contact  for more information.Screenshot-2023-04-07-at-15.18.55


AdSEARCH Bangladesh is organising a National Conference on May 3rd 2023 to celebrate SRHR-related research and evidence in Bangladesh. The conference brings together policymakers, public health practitioners, clinicians, academics, and researchers to showcase their research and findings, and Share-Net Bangladesh's coordinator Jannatul Munia is a keynote speaker! Find more information here:

World Association for Sexual Health: Call for Abstracts & Gold medal Award Nominations

The 26th annual conference by the World Association for Sexual Health is scheduled on November 2-5 2023, and theres still time to submit abstracts for Presentations, Symposiums, or Poster presentations, deadline: April 30. Notably, you can nominate people for the WAS Gold Medal Awards, celebrating lifelong accomplishments in the field of human sexuality, sexual health, sexuality education,, research, counselling, and the promotion of sexual rights. was-gold-metal-1024x577

Director: Childhood Sexual Violence Solutions Hub

The Sexual Violence Research Institute are hiring a Director, apply by May 8!Director_Childhood_Sexual_Violence_Solutions_Hub_1_298x271


SRHR Resources & Articles

SRH Self-Care Measurement Tool

The new Self-Care Measurement Tool provides guidance on approaches to practical and accurate measurements of SRH self-care, focusing on three specific interventions: self-injectable hormonal contraception, HIV self-testing, and self-managed abortion. Read more here.Screenshot-2023-04-07-at-13.44.05

She Pays the Price: The Toll of Conflict on Sexual and Reproductive Health in Northwest Syria

This study documents how targeted violence against health care personnel and infrastructure has impacted SRH care, resulting in far-reaching tolls on the health and wellbeing of women, girls, and health care professionals in Northwest Syria. Read the report in EN and AR here.Screenshot-2023-04-07-at-12.52.19

Video: Training Resource Package for FP

The video training resources for Family Planning address dynamic professional needs of health workers across all clinical and community-based cadres, and are designed for adaptation and use for ‘in-service’ and ‘pre-service’ competency-based training.  Find modules, training guides, videos, slide decks, links to other resources and more here.fptraining-scaled

State of the World Report 2023: The Case for Rights & Choices

In November 2022, the world population eclipsed 8 Billion People. To some, this represents a milestone, people are living longer, healthier lives, and enjoying more rights than ever before. But are women and birthing people able to make their own reproductive choices? The answer, often, is no. Read the full report in EN, ES, FR, AR, and RU here.


Gender-Inclusive Language Tips & Tricks

Do you have questions about or struggle with gender-neutral- and/or neo-pronouns? Are you unsure of how to use gender-inclusive or neutral personal pronouns? This handy guide runs you through the basics, offers examples, and tells you all about using neutral and inclusive gender pronouns!Screenshot-2023-04-06-at-15.48.09If you're reading from the Netherlands and are looking for a Dutch-Language guide, check out Waarden Voor Een Nieuwe Taal Een veilige, inclusieve en toegankelijke taal voor iedereen in de kunst- en cultuursector.

The 8 March Principles

The 8 March Principles for a Human Rights-Based Approach to Criminal Law Proscribing Conduct Associated with Sex, Reproduction, Drug Use, HIV, Homelessness and Poverty, were recently published by the ICJ, after an intense five-year consultative process with OHCHR, UNAIDS, and NGOs and jurists from around the world. The principles are of particular use to advocates, judges, lawmakers and others working across these topics.8-MARCH-Principles-FINAL-cover-page

Using Digital Technologies in Youth-Focused SBC Programs for FP/RH

Breakthrough Action + Research for Social and Behavior Change have published guidelines on digital interventions for youth-focused programs on Family Planning and Reproductive Health - read more here!Screenshot-2023-04-07-at-13.23.00

Climate Change impacting 90% of coastal women

The Center for Participatory Research and Development released a report resulting from work at the Climate Injustice Vs Gender Justice: Why should this matter? seminar, revealing the adverse effect of climate change negatively affecting 90% of women of coastal regions in South-West Bangladesh. The study identifies connections between human rights and climate change, based on factors including gender, race, caste, ethnicity, and financial level. Read it here.3-13-14

Do you have something to share in our next edition in July 2023? Email to submit a feature! 

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